The QUESO Library

Version 0.51.1, May 2014

Quantification of Uncertainty for Estimation, Simulation and Optimization (QUESO)

The QUESO library is a collection of C++ classes and algorithms to support model validation and the prediction of quantities of interest with uncertainty quantification (UQ) included. QUESO is designed for flexibility, portability, and extensibility and adopts an object-oriented software design. QUESO supports distributed-memory parallelism using MPI and can run within uniprocessor or multiprocessor environments.

The QUESO library contains two forms of documentation: a User's Manual available in pdf format and this lower-level code documentation in web based/html format.

Regression Testing

Bugs in the code and errors or omissions in the documentation can be reported to queso.nosp@m.-use.nosp@m.rs@go.nosp@m.ogle.nosp@m.group.nosp@m.s.co.nosp@m.m or as a <a href="https://github.com/libqueso/queso/issues/new>GitHub ticket. Requests and contributions are also welcome using either of the two methods mentioned above.

All bug reports should include:

Regression Testing


See <a href="https://github.com/libqueso/queso/blob/master/LICENSE>here.


This material is based in part upon work supported by the Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration under Award Number DE-FC52-08NA28615.

More Information About PECOS

See here.

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