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QUESO::EmptyEnvironment Class Reference

This class sets up the environment underlying the use of the QUESO library by an executable. More...

#include <Environment.h>

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Public Member Functions

void print (std::ostream &os) const
Constructor/Destructor methods
 EmptyEnvironment ()
 Default constructor. Does nothing. More...
 ~EmptyEnvironment ()
 Destructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from QUESO::BaseEnvironment
 BaseEnvironment (const char *passedOptionsInputFileName, const EnvOptionsValues *alternativeOptionsValues)
 Default constructor. More...
 BaseEnvironment (const BaseEnvironment &obj)
 Copy constructor. It should not be used be the user. More...
virtual ~BaseEnvironment ()
 Destructor. More...
BaseEnvironmentoperator= (const BaseEnvironment &rhs)
 Assignment operator. It should not be used be the user. More...
bool fullEnvIsReady () const
 Returns whether the full environment class is ready (constructor has successfully been called). More...
int worldRank () const
 Returns the process world rank. More...
int fullRank () const
 Returns the process full rank. More...
const MpiCommfullComm () const
 Access function for MpiComm full communicator. More...
RawType_MPI_Group subGroup () const
 Access function for sub-group. More...
int subRank () const
 Access function for sub-rank. More...
const MpiCommsubComm () const
 Access function for MpiComm sub communicator. More...
const MpiCommselfComm () const
 Access function for MpiComm self-communicator. More...
int inter0Rank () const
 Returns the process inter0 rank. More...
const MpiComminter0Comm () const
 Access function for MpiComm inter0-communicator. More...
std::ofstream * subDisplayFile () const
 Access function for m_subDisplayFile (displays file on stream). More...
std::string subDisplayFileName () const
 Access function for m_subDisplayFileName (displays filename on stream). More...
unsigned int numSubEnvironments () const
 Access function to the number of sub-environments. More...
unsigned int subId () const
 Access function to the number of each sub-environment Id: m_subId. More...
const std::string & subIdString () const
 Access to the attribute m_subIdString; which stores the string for the sub-environment, and it will be used, for instance, to create the output files for each sub-environment. More...
void checkTheParallelEnvironment () const
std::string optionsInputFileName () const
 Access to the attribute m_optionsInputFileName, which stores the name of the input file passed by the user to QUESO. More...
void setOptionsInputFileAccessState (bool newState) const
po::variables_map & allOptionsMap () const
void scanInputFileForMyOptions (const po::options_description &optionsDesc) const
 This method scans the input file provided by the user to QUESO. More...
unsigned int displayVerbosity () const
unsigned int syncVerbosity () const
 Access function to private attribute m_syncVerbosity. More...
unsigned int checkingLevel () const
 Access function to private attribute m_checkingLevel. More...
const RngBaserngObject () const
 Access to the RNG object. More...
void resetSeed (int newSeedOption)
 Reset RNG seed. More...
int seed () const
 Access to the RNG seed. More...
const BasicPdfsBasebasicPdfs () const
 Access to Basic PDFs. More...
std::string platformName () const
 Access to the platform name. More...
std::string identifyingString () const
 Access function to private attribute m_identifyingString: identifying string. More...
void resetIdentifyingString (const std::string &newString) const
 Reset private attribute m_identifyingString with the value newString. More...
bool isThereInputFile () const
 //TODO Not implemented? it is called in examples/validationCycle/tests_old/results_5_25/uqTgaEx4.h. More...
struct timeval timevalBegin () const
 Used to save the time when the combo `QUESO+user's application' started to run. More...
bool openOutputFile (const std::string &fileName, const std::string &fileType, const std::set< unsigned int > &allowedSubEnvIds, bool writeOver, FilePtrSetStruct &filePtrSet) const
 Opens an output file for each sub-environment that was chosen to send data to the file. More...
bool openUnifiedOutputFile (const std::string &fileName, const std::string &fileType, bool writeOver, FilePtrSetStruct &filePtrSet) const
 Opens a unified output file, that will contain data from all sub-environments. More...
bool openInputFile (const std::string &fileName, const std::string &fileType, const std::set< unsigned int > &allowedSubEnvIds, FilePtrSetStruct &filePtrSet) const
 Opens an input file. More...
bool openUnifiedInputFile (const std::string &fileName, const std::string &fileType, FilePtrSetStruct &filePtrSet) const
 Opens the unified input file. More...
void closeFile (FilePtrSetStruct &filePtrSet, const std::string &fileType) const
 Closes the file. More...
void setExceptionalCircumstance (bool value) const
 Set an exceptional circumstance. More...
bool exceptionalCircumstance () const
 Decides whether there is an exceptional circumstance. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from QUESO::BaseEnvironment
bool m_fullEnvIsReady
int m_worldRank
int m_fullRank
int m_fullCommSize
RawType_MPI_Group m_fullGroup
std::string m_optionsInputFileName
bool m_optionsInputFileAccessState
po::options_description * m_allOptionsDesc
po::variables_map * m_allOptionsMap
unsigned int m_subId
std::string m_subIdString
RawType_MPI_Group m_subGroup
int m_subRank
int m_subCommSize
RawType_MPI_Group m_inter0Group
int m_inter0Rank
int m_inter0CommSize
std::ofstream * m_subDisplayFile
struct timeval m_timevalBegin
bool m_exceptionalCircumstance
EnvOptionsValues m_alternativeOptionsValues

Detailed Description

This class sets up the environment underlying the use of the QUESO library by an executable.

Definition at line 396 of file Environment.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QUESO::EmptyEnvironment::EmptyEnvironment ( )

Default constructor. Does nothing.

It initialized BaseEnvironment with no input file and a NULL pointer for the alternativeOptionsValues.

Definition at line 1187 of file Environment.C.

1188  :
1189  BaseEnvironment("",NULL)
1190 {
1191 }
BaseEnvironment(const char *passedOptionsInputFileName, const EnvOptionsValues *alternativeOptionsValues)
Default constructor.
Definition: Environment.C:130
QUESO::EmptyEnvironment::~EmptyEnvironment ( )


Definition at line 1193 of file Environment.C.

1194 {
1195 }

Member Function Documentation

void QUESO::EmptyEnvironment::print ( std::ostream &  os) const

Implements QUESO::BaseEnvironment.

Definition at line 1198 of file Environment.C.

1199 {
1200  os.flush(); // just to avoid icpc warnings
1201  return;
1202 }

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